SAP halves prices for NetWeaver development licenses

Find out why SAP cut prices for NetWeaver development licenses nearly in half.

SAP cut the prices for NetWeaver development and composition subscriptions nearly in half this week to make the platform more accessible to consultants and developers.

NetWeaver development licenses are now $1,170 plus tax, compared with $2,300 plus tax. A NetWeaver composition license is now $520 plus tax, against $1,100 plus tax, according to the SAP Developer Network (SDN).

"We've heard some subscribers say that they've received a great deal of value for the money; however, we've also received feedback from others that the financial burden for individual subscribers was rather high," said a post announcing the NetWeaver development subscription deal on SDN by Claudine Lagerholm, senior product manager, SDN subscriptions. "As you are all aware, the economic landscape has changed very drastically in the last few months, so we've decided now was a good time to adjust the pricing."

"The goal here is to make the full NetWeaver platform much more accessible and affordable to developers right now, not at some point in the future," Lagerholm wrote.

The offer follows discounts announced recently on SAP's software for SMBs, the segment that recently saw an abrupt halt in spending, sinking SAP's third quarter. In addition to help with financing, SAP announced other new incentives for SMBs, including a discount of up to 20% on Business All-in-One, SAP's software for midsized businesses -- and special license deals for Business Objects software, including an offer for Business Objects Edge Professional edition (purchase five concurrent access licenses in a Rapid Mart and get one free).

SAP introduced the NetWeaver development and composition licenses last year. Both licenses allow developers and consultants to build and develop applications and add-ons. But the NetWeaver development license is for comprehensive NetWeaver platform development, while the NetWeaver composition license is focused on specialized application composition.

SAP customers who purchased NetWeaver development or composition licenses on or after Sept. 1 will receive a six-month extension. Those customers will be receiving letters with more details, according to the post.

The licenses are available on the SDN website.

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