Buyer's Handbook:

SAP ERP systems explained, compared to Oracle and others

ERP ROI: How do SAP, Microsoft, Infor and Oracle compare?

It's fitting the letters S-A-P-E-R-P flow off the tongue, because the company SAP is synonymous with enterprise resource planning technology. SAP ERP systems lead the market, with offerings tailored to just about any industry vertical and IT infrastructure.

This wide-ranging suite of ERP offerings presents challenges for organizations in the ERP market. Choosing the right ERP system requires a lot of work, research and a frank assessment of business needs and desired outcomes.

Complicating this is the vast ERP market. SAP is far from the only player in town. Oracle, Microsoft and Infor also have ERP offerings that may be better suited to a business's specific needs.

Since it potentially reaches every corner of an organization, ERP implementations are potentially complex affairs that might necessitate an entire IT overhaul -- or not. These major ERP vendors have embraced the cloud, expanding into public cloud products like Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Just as important, ERP uniquely requires substantial buy-in from the organization, including the decision-makers and rank and file. Change is tough, and a new ERP system means changes to long-established procedures.

The best ERP vendors recognize this and support organizations not only through technical build and implementation, but also end-user adoption with the proper training and resources.

For organizations implementing these systems, ERP ROI is an immediate and pressing goal. We keep this front of mind in this SAP ERP system buyer's guide, exploring the SAP ERP system lineup and then comparing the four leading ERP vendors in regards to return on investment.

  • Exploring the SAP ERP system lineup

    With its five main ERP products, SAP cast a wide net in the ERP market. Here's a rundown of SAP ERP software offerings, including its stalwart on-prem ERP and next-gen S/4HANA.

  • Comparing SAP ERP ROI to Oracle, Microsoft and Infor

    Considering Oracle, Microsoft, Infor or SAP ERP software? We examine these ERP vendors on how well each delivers ERP ROI with their unique implementation methods and strategies.