What's the future of SAP BW and SAP BI careers?

Should you break into SAP BW or SAP BI today? Read this expert tip to find out about the future of SAP BW and how to define a career path for SAP BI/BW.

I want to pursue a career in SAP BW. I have a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. I have more than two years of experience in an IT company. What's the future of SAP BW and is it a suitable career move? What preparation is necessary? Please advise me.

Launching a career in SAP BI/BW would be a good move for you. SAP BI has a good market and in the future this should remain the same, if not better. However, with your experience and background, finding your first job in BI will be a challenge. I would advise you to gather some knowledge about BI and obtain training in SAP BI later. It won't be easy, but keep trying for a job in SAP after you get training and you may find one.

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