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What exactly is SAPUI5, and what does it replace?


With SAP's SAPUI5 JavaScript toolkit, developers can build SAP Web applications using HTML5 Web development standards, according to business intelligence expert Ethan Jewett.

"HTML5 is a set of standards around browser-based technologies [like] JavaScript HTML and CSS, [otherwise known as] Cascading Style Sheets," Jewett says. "SAPUI5 is a library that combines all of those things into a toolkit for building actual Web applications. SAPUI5 … is a higher-level framework for building Web applications on the SAP platform."

Applications can be built using SAPUI5 that connect to any type of back-end system (or that just run in the browser and don't connect to any back-end system at all). However, the original goal of SAPUI5 (and still one of the main goals) was to develop an application framework for use in SAP environments, according to Jewett.

The SAPUI5 toolkit can replace previous technologies, such as Web Dynpro. "Nowadays, we might decide to use SAPUI5 combined with something on the back end that serves a Web service like SAP's NetWeaver Gateway platform," Jewett says in the video.

The company's SAP Fiori line of Web-based apps, which have a device-agnostic user interface, have all been built on SAPUI5, according to Jewett. There is also an open source version of SAPUI5, called OpenUI5, on GitHub.

"Some people in the community are using that to build [SAP] applications as well," Jewett says.

About the expert:

Ethan Jewett is an independent consultant and SAP Mentor. He focuses on business intelligence, information management and performance management, and works with clients on data management and performance management tools. For more information, check out his blog.

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