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What does big data mean for SAP landscapes?

These days, everyone's talking about big data and what it means for divining new insights, with the help of high-powered analytics and databases.  What are the implications of these new tools for SAP system landscapes and administrators? 

In this presentation, Capgemini Consultant and SAP expert Chris Kernaghan talks about the intersection of big data and newer, more sophisticated tools like SAP HANA and Hadoop, and what they mean for customers.

"There is a steep learning curve for Hadoop," Kernaghan stresses. "It is very different [compared with] the architectures that we're used to."

Big data may not translate to a significant change in how companies construct their physical landscapes, but that could change in the not-so-distant future, as demand for tapping into increasing amounts of structured and unstructured data grows, according to Kernaghan.

 "What does big data mean within the scope of your existing [physical] landscapes? At the moment, if you're not using [big data] already, it doesn't mean an awful lot. But it is an area that you're going to keep an eye on," Kernaghan said. 

In this presentation, Kernaghan explains what companies should do to prepare for the further impact of big data on SAP systems, skill sets and business requirements.   

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