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Simple Finance helps Turk Telekom consolidate ERP

Simple Finance is the first major application meant to deliver on SAP's Run Simple promise by combining the speed of the HANA in-memory database with the graphical, mobile-friendly Fiori user interface. Some early adopters are using it as the vanguard of an eventual migration to S/4HANA, SAP's next-generation ERP platform.

Turkish communications provider Turk Telekom is also employing Simple Finance as a mechanism for consolidating financial data from several SAP ERP instances, a need that arose, in part, from recent corporate acquisitions and management changes.

SearchSAP talked to Zafer Pinarcik, Turk Telekom's financial group controller, in this video from the recent Sapphire Now conference in Orlando.

"It is creating some difficulties to get full data and information. For that reason, after a long discussion we have discovered that Simple Finance will be the correct solution for us," Pinarcik says. "We are just in the early stage of the implementation."

Regulatory requirements, such as the upcoming revision of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) also drove Turk Telekom's Simple Finance deployment. "IFRS 15 will be starting in 2017," Pinarcik says. "We are obliged to implement [it.] We have to standardize, and we have to find a solution for the reporting. Simple Finance will also help this area."

Also in the video, Doruk Korkusuz, head of the financials practice for SAP Turkey, shares more details on the project. "Our main aim is to combine all of the distributed ERP systems into one centralized system," Korkusuz says. "While doing this, our main aim is not to stop or to change daily business life. The end users should continue what they're doing."

Simple Finance is being implemented in a "sidecar" approach that will allow Turk Telekom to continue using its existing database. "Our ultimate target will be to prepare an S/4HANA-ready environment. Once Turk Telekom wants to switch their existing system to S/4HANA, they will be able to roll out … Simple Finance to the new S/4HANA system."

Simple Finance functions as a central accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger system and runs on premises. "Right now we are not planning to move to the cloud, based on some regulations," Korkusuz says. With the upcoming implementation of another Fiori-based application, Simple Cash, "group CFOs and management will be able to report and drill down [to] everything through Fiori apps."

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