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Should developers care about the SAP River development environment?

SAP recently announced two new tools it says will help developers wanting to build on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, namely SAP HANA Answers and the SAP River Rapid Development Environment (RDE).

What do developers need to know about these two announcements?

SAP [HANA] Answers [is] a way to search for information that's [also] available on the website, but in a faster, easier and more intuitive way, that's targeted specifically at developers, according to developer and BI consultant Ethan Jewett.

"It's good improvement if you're trying to develop for the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the HANA Enterprise Cloud, or HANA itself," Jewett said. "Finding answers quickly is definitely a good thing and quick access to documentation is really nice. It's a cool little site."

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The SAP River Rapid RDE was released in beta form in June. At that time, SAP explained that the River RDE was designed to help developers to design and build new software within the confines of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, including the creation or extension of SAP Fiori applications.

"[It's] a way to build model-based applications for HANA and the River Development Environment runs in HANA. Essentially, you define your application in River, and then it creates an instantiation of that application on HANA," Jewett said. "So it creates database tables, application logic, XS Engine JavaScript … and creates the OData models that your application can use. You can put an SAP Fiori or SAPUI5 front end on top of that."

SAP recently announced partnerships with the Open Stack Foundation and Cloud Foundry to help speed and ease the use of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

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