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SAP cloud enables one-call resolution for Bona customers

One-call resolution is the goal of more and more customer-service departments, and Bona U.S., a maker of products for maintaining hardwood floors, said it took a big step toward achieving it by deploying SAP Cloud for Service.

Now, we have the ability to call up that knowledge and give her an exact solution.
Richard Goeringvice president of sales and operations, Bona U.S.

"In the past, we had the ability to take the call, and if we didn't know the answer, we'd have to call two or three different departments and then call our customer back," said Richard Goering, vice president of sales and operations at Bona U.S., in a video interview with SearchSAP. "Now, we have the ability to call up that knowledge and give her an exact solution."

The 14-month one-call resolution project was planned and executed by the consulting firm KPIT Technologies. "We had quite a few different vendors that came to us with a possible solution, but KPIT brought the Cloud for Service, which integrated into our ERP and gave us a consistent message, gave me real-time analytics, and also gave me the ability to hold my teams accountable," Goering said.

Data management was perhaps the biggest challenge in achieving one-call resolution of Bona customer inquiries and claims. The project involved migrating data residing in Bona's "old, antiquated" Microsoft Access database to Cloud for Service, omnichannel customer engagement and commerce software from SAP.

"The migration of data was a critical part for us to be able to see the analytics and see those trends as quickly as we could," he said. "Just cleaning up that data was probably our biggest headache."

Integration with Bona's Avaya telephony system made it possible to see if a customer had called before. "When our customers call today, a screen will pop and it will have all their pertinent information."

Goering described the next phase. "We're going to take that knowledge base and we're going to give our customers full access on the Internet so they can self serve."

He concludes with lessons learned about the importance of ensuring clean data.

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