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Ray Wang discusses SAP customer priorities in 2010

The editorial team recently attended Sapience, an SAP user conference held in Cambridge, Mass. In this video, Ray Wang, partner at Altimeter, discusses some of the concerns SAP customers have, as well as items users should prioritize for 2010.

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Ray Wang discusses SAP customer priorities in 2010

Courtney Bjorlin: Hello. I am Courtney Bjorlin, the news editor on
Over the past couple of days, I have both the SAP Influencer
Summit and a conference called Sapiens, here in Cambridge, with
a little bit more sentiment from the SAP customer base. Today we
are going to talk with Ray Wang, a partner at Altimeter, about
the two shows and get his sense of what the sentiment is in the
SAP customer base these days.

Ray, can you tell us a little bit about what you're hearing from
SAP customers about their concerns?

Ray Wang: I think the main concern is customers are hoping to get the product
roadmaps completed. What they really want is to be able to get
the last pieces of functionality in place, and they have not been
successful in doing that in the past. There is a real emphasis
on that. There is an emphasis on trying to reduce the cost of
maintenance and operations, and there is also a thought process
about how do we innovate from here when we get to that point?

Courtney Bjorlin: Have you felt that there has been a difference in sentiment
between the US customer base and the European customer base at

Ray Wang: It is fairly the same. Customers are having conversations with SAP at
different levels. If they are having them with their sales reps,
it is usually about new license sales, and it is usually about
what we can do to grow that. If they are unable to have those
conversations about growing the business, then what happens is
they do not have the ability to go deep into the roadmap, have
conversations with the development teams to try to figure out
what needs to be done next. That is what we are advising
customers to do, is to really sit down with the sales reps, but
then be able to go out and talk about what are the real
roadmaps, what is not being delivered, what they need, and have
those kind of conversations.

Courtney Bjorlin: That is your advice for 2010. Can you point out a couple of
things that customers really should be focusing on this year?

Ray Wang: The first thing is looking at their current situation as to whether
they should qualify for third-party maintenance. Second thing,
thinking about what they can do to work with SAP, within the
product roadmap because there are a lot of opportunities and
entry points which allow people to go in and do co-development
with them.

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