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How do you find the right SuccessFactors implementation partner?


The first thing companies should do when looking for a SuccessFactors implementation partner is confirm how many successful deployments the vendor has already performed, according to Luke Marson, a Human Capital Management (HCM) consultant. Marson specializes in SAP and SuccessFactors HCM software and is interviewed in this Ask the Expert video.

"They need to dig deeper into that number as well. How many of those are with different customers, how many of those are internal implementations? Some partners may implement three or four solutions internally and say they've done three or four projects, when that's not the case," Marson said.

Companies should also ask about the certification level of those who will be working on the project, according to Marson.

"There are two levels of certification. There's the certified associate, which means they've just completed training, and then there's the certified professional, which mean's they've completed at least two projects as a lead and that they've got a reference from the customer as well. That's really important," he said.

He added that customers should also make sure that the resumes of consultants they're given by the potential partner are of those who will actually perform the work.

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Companies do not at this point have the option of deploying SuccessFactors software on their own, according to Marson, who makes his living in part by consulting on such projects.

"As it stands at the moment, it's pretty tough for customers to [implement] SuccessFactors on their own for mainly two reasons. The first one is that the back end of SuccessFactors, called provisioning, is not available for customers. It's only available to partners or to SuccessFactors themselves," he said.

The second thing is that training is not available to customers at the moment, he added.

"That means that they either need to bring in a partner, or maybe look for independent [contractors], or a consultant, that has the provisioning access and the training and experience they need to help deliver the project."

Watch the rest of this Ask the Expert video to learn more about selecting a SuccessFactors implementation partner, including some misperceptions about what makes a good partner.

About the expert:
Luke Marson is a principal consultant and director of cloud HCM and related technologies at an IT consulting firm, where he focuses on SuccessFactors Employee Central and extensibility and integration technologies. He speaks and writes about SAP HCM and SuccessFactors extensively, co-authored the SAP Press title SuccessFactors with SAP ERP HCM and wrote the SAPexperts Special Report SAP and SuccessFactors – An Overview. Marson is also an SAP Mentor.

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