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Factors to consider when choosing server hardware for SAP environments

There's no doubt that databases are a critical part of any SAP environment, but what factors play into a company's choice of server hardware?

Once the SAP applications have been decided upon, which database to use depends on numerous technical factors, as well as a range of ROI factors. For example, a good deal on licenses can be negated by higher database administrator costs, according to Capgemini consultant and SAP expert Chris Kernaghan.

The choice of which server to use can depend on factors such as existing database vendor partnerships, data center considerations, processor architecture and making the landscape as efficient as possible.

"There's a severe lack of good data center capacity globally," Kernaghan says in the webcast. "Customers are definitely looking to reduce the amount of data center space that their server footprint actually fills."

In this presentation, Kernaghan discusses how companies can make intelligent strategic decisions when choosing servers for any environment and how that choice ultimately affects the platform that IT has to support.

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