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Brewer uses SAP in the cloud to focus on beer

Avery Brewing Co. is a small business that wants to focus on making beer. As Controller Conner Helton put it, they "don't have a big budget for IT stuff."

The fix for the Colorado-based brewer has been to leverage ERP using SAP in the cloud. But the company still has IT concerns. Particularly with its accounting and finance data, Avery Brewing has to ensure that it is secure when living in the cloud. Avery has its main accounting system in the cloud, so it had to examine the encryption behind the connection between Avery business employees and the sensitive data that is somewhere else.

But Helton said that, at least with Avery Brewing, it is easier to make sure that data in the cloud is secure compared to setting up their own server in-house and having to worry about the security settings themselves.

Watch this video of Helton from the SAP Sapphire conference earlier this year, where Helton talks about cloud security, costs and convenience when it comes to putting SAP in the cloud.

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