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Brewer goes simple, yet strategic, with enterprise mobile applications

Making beer is one thing, but if Avery Brewing Company couldn't also sell the suds, it would be out of business. So the Colorado-based brewer arms its salespeople with enterprise mobile applications they can use in the field to better serve customers.

In this video, Avery Brewing controller Conner Helton explains the mobile applications used by salespeople in the field, as well as those involved in production.

According to Helton, giving salespeople iPads and enabling them to tap into customer information from anywhere can be the turning point toward making a sale.

"Our salespeople, they all have iPads," Helton explained. "They'll pull up to an account -- whether it be a liquor store or a bar -- [and] they pull up all the sales history for that particular account -- what they're buying, what the price point is, what they've been selling [and at] what rate -- [so] they can walk into that account and be really informed."

When it comes to the brewery floor, Helton acknowledged that ERP software is typically known as being "fairly complicated," and Avery Brewing is no different. But the company's employees aren't ERP experts. As Helton put it: "On our floor, you're going to hire guys that just want to package beer; they want to brew beer." In other words, employees on the brewery floor don't want to mess with complex software.

So Avery has a simple mobile app on the walls of its brewery called OrchestratedBeer that runs on SAP Business One and is specifically for craft breweries.

"Our guys literally press a button, and then press another button," Helton said.

Pressing a couple buttons lets loose the ERP process behind the scenes as the beer gets brewed.

"It's so simple, it makes it very quick and easy for them to use," Helton said. "They want to use it instead of writing on a whiteboard, and then writing in a log, and then taking that log and writing in another log. You just press a button, hit 'Submit,' and you're done."

Watch this video with Conner Helton of Avery Brewing to learn more details on how his company uses mobile apps throughout the organization.

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Does your organization use enterprise mobile applications?
The companies I've worked with have all used mobile applications to replicate a PC experience on a smaller screen. Viewing the top threads of the company intranet or a data dashboard is fine, but doesn't take advantage of mobile technology in an interesting way. I'd prefer to see more enterprise use of apps that leveraged GPS features or the microphone to name a few.
Mostly email. However since payroll and hr are migrating to browser based access, things will become a tad more complicated,  I just read that ssl encryption wasn't implemented properly in 40 percent of the time across various apps.  Data encryption  is my next stop