Attendees talk about Sapphire Now 2011

SAP users talk about why they came to this year’s Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, whether it was to learn about a new application or technology, such as HANA and in-memory, or to find answers to existing challenges. Learn more about what users had on their minds in this short video shot just off the show floor.

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Attendees talk about Sapphire Now 2011

Kim Choate: We are looking to upgrade our business optics environment, as
well as integrate some new products and services to our users, both at the
corporate and the hotel level. So we're looking at some mobile components,
as well as some metadata management to further enrich our BI commission for
the company.

Interviewer: Tell me a little bit more about the mobile side of things that
you're looking at.

Kim Choate: The mobile side of things is a little shaky. We're really trying
to figure out which way we're going to go based on where Apple is, and the
fact that we are primarily a Blackberry shop. Right now, I'm looking at
what options we have, what we can address, what we can't address, as far as
Excelsius goes, and what our best options are going to be overall.

Mridula Sharma: At this time, we just implemented a SAP system about a year back,
so we are more in the stabilization phase, but we are looking at additional
functionality, such as the implementation of the [LUMS] module. There are
also other assessments. We are doing internally, such asset management plus
finance. Nothing is certain at this time, but those key areas we'll be
looking in to, plus we are doing demand site management. We are also
looking at SAP for more self serve options as well smart grid.

Interviewer: Are you guys considering using In-memory or HANA, or do you
have any interest in those kinds of technologies?

Mridula Sharma: We are also looking at HANA as well. HANA is mainly with regards
to we're business intelligence at this time. I know it's a new area. We
have already got business intelligence already implemented, and we have
quite a few cubes turned on as well already. This is something new and we
might be looking at actually doing a few upgrades in that area as well,
because we have got a couple of data warehouses, and there's no
connectivity between the two. So we are hoping that we will be able to take
advantage of that.

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