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Ariba Network announces QuickBooks integration

Like its parent company, SAP, Ariba is also making moves to accommodate smaller businesses that it says are an important part of its customer base. At its annual Ariba Live conference, which just took place outside Washington, D.C., Ariba announced a new prebuilt integration that allows easier integration between the Ariba Network and Intuit Quickbooks, for companies that may be using QuickBooks as the core of their financial accounting system.

According to Ariba, the connector allows companies to automate their customer transactions and collaborations within the Ariba Network directly from their accounting system.

The Ariba Integration Connector, created by Ariba partner Dell Boomi, currently supports integration with Intuit QuickBooks Desktop 2009-2013, Premier and Enterprise for US, UK, and CA Enterprise and Enterprise Plus, according to Ariba.

In this interview, Joseph Fox, vice president of marketing and strategy for Ariba, talks about the connector and why it matters.

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My main clients are on Ariba (One company but different clients within it)

On the system they are using a l is not easy on Ariba.
For instance when I want to see what the purchase orders refer to it does not give me my quote number or any reference to the job. When I look at the purchase order list or the invoice list is is just dates, figures and status which mean nothing to me just looking at the list as I have a lot of lines.  I either have to open each line or look at the value and go back to my QB database to find out what the PO is for.
I have only just found out about this integration and believe me it will be so well received as the time we waste on running to account databases is phenomenal and mistakes can be made.
Kind regards
Linda UK