Visual Composer for xApp analysis

Get inside Visual Composer and its functionality within NetWeaver for composite applications.

As a portal content developer, you have a wealth of tools available to you that you can use to develop iViews and pages for the SAP Enterprise Portals that you support. Perhaps you've used iView templates and tools in the Portal Content Studio or have developed your own Java iViews using the Portal PDK Perspective in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. The former requires no Java coding skills at all but is constrained to what you can do by parameterizing existing iView and page templates. To develop content in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, you need to be a Java coder.

Over the past year, a new tool has staked out the middle ground between template-based content development and IDE-based coding. That tool is the SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer, a tool for model-driven content development that uses service calls to back-end systems and analytical xApps.

Visual Composer for xApp analysis

  Home: Introduction
  Part 1: Architecture of Visual Composer BI Kit
  Part 2: Using the native Visual Composer export data functionality
  Part 3: Using Web Design API to export to CSV
  Part 4: Using Web Design API to export to Excel
  Part 5: Using Web Design API to export to PDF
  Review: Conclusion and additional resources

Sam Gassem, Sr. SAP Systems Administrator, JCB, Inc.
Sam has been working with SAP R/3, CRM, BW and EP for over five years with a mastery level in Data Modeling, Data Retrieval, Web Application Design, Reporting and Analysis, and R/3 SAP Query. He also has another five years of experience working in other areas including ABAP development, functional and technical aspects in SAP.
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