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SAP certification training guide

Undeniably, certifications can enhance your resume and provide an employer with verifiable proof of your knowledge in one particular area. But what do these expensive pieces of paper really mean in the hard-to-crack SAP job market? Read this learning guide to find out.

Undeniably, certifications can enhance your resume and provide an employer with verifiable proof of your knowledge in one particular area. But what do these expensive pieces of paper really mean in the SAP job market?

Is certification required to get a job in SAP? Will it open new doors for your career? Most importantly, does having certification mean you'll automatically land a job? And there are so many certifications out there -- how do you know which one is right for you?

This learning guide is designed to answer those questions, the answers to which may become more clear now that SAP has a new certification program and is disclosing internal research on the value of certification. Let us know if this information helps during your job search. Also, don't forget to send us an e-mail to let us know what other resource guides you'd like to see on

Considering SAP certification?

Most professionals interested in SAP jobs thinks about certification eventually. Whether you're considering working in SAP ERP, SAP HR, SAP CRM, SAP SCM, SAP MDM, SAP FI/CO, or any other module, you can potentially complement your technical research by finding out more about SAP certification. Start by listening to SAP explain its official certification program in this exclusive podcast. Remember, despite SAP's bullishness on certification, SAP certification may not be worth much depending on the circumstances.

Choosing certification

There are several SAP certification options. For example, you have to decide whether you want to get certified by SAP directly or by an SAP partner. Then you have to choose a certifiable skill. Maybe ABAP is your thing, or you want to know whether SAP XI and SAP BW are still hot career fields. Whatever the case, this section will help you choose between certification options. A good place to begin is by learning all about which SAP skills are hot, and which are not, in the current market.

Breaking into SAP with certification

SAP certifications can help professionals gain new skills or get one of the many SAP jobs in the marketplace. However, certification alone won't do the trick; this section discusses how your overall experience, education and skillset will impact your chances of breaking into SAP. One way to measure your prospects is to take a SearchSAP certification quiz to see if your current knowledge of SAP is sufficient. For example, how much do you know about SAP BW or ABAP? Take our quizzes to find out, starting with SAP for beginners.

SAP certification expert advice

SAP jobs and SAP certification advice can be very specific to your situation, so the SearchSAP experts are here to answer any specific question you have. From the latest advice about breaking into SAP NetWeaver to giving you tips on the current demand for CRM consultants, we've got you covered. Just visit our Ask the Experts section.

Expanding your skill set with certification

A certificate is just a step in the lifelong learning process that accompanies SAP jobs. Remember that SAP certification is just one way to learn new skills and plan your SAP career.

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