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SAP application security guide

If you're like most IT professionals, security is at the forefront of your concerns. Learn best practices for SAP security and applications security in this learning guide from and

Establishing security best practices is made simple with this learning guide, which contains tips, expert advice and step-by-step guides on SAP security and application security information.


   Fundamentals of SAP security and apps security
   Threats to security
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  Fundamentals of SAP security and apps security  Return to Table of Contents

  Threats to security  Return to Table of Contents

Web application threats

Authentication and Authorization

Web services

  • Why do Web services impact security? (

  • SAP security (

  • OWASP Guide to Building Secure Web Applications, 8: Web Services (

  • January, 2006: Put Web services security on front burner (

  • January, 2006: Analyst: Start thinking Web services security now (

  • October, 2005: Web services security specs hit the standards track (

  • August, 2005: Web services security standards to establish trust (

  • July, 2005: Web services security getting greater scrutiny (

  Analysis  Return to Table of Contents

SAP vulnerability analysis

  • Securing SAP (

  • Security concerns when upgrading from v.3.1 to v.4.6x (

  • Was a security role removed in R/3 Enterprise? (

  • What's the best tool to get started on security testing? (

  • Are my apps secure? (

  • Reason for application vulnerabilities (

  • Establishing security parameters (

  • Are you leaving your apps open to attack? (

  • Judicious use of tips (

  • Vulnerability assessment: Leave the scanning to someone else? (

  • November, 2005: Flaw opens SAP Web Application Server to phishing scams (

  • July, 2005: Customers warned of critical SAP flaw (

  • Feb, 2006: Web application firewalls critical piece of the app security puzzle (

Standards and Regulations

  • SOX Security School (

  • Compliance management (

  • Compliance (

  • March, 2005: SAP to bolster compliance with reseller partnership (


  • RFID on the rise? (
  • SAP RFID (
  • Is RFID ready for primetime? (
  • Face-off: Debating RFID (
  • RFID secrets: SAP customers ready systems for RFID (

  • April, 2005: Suppliers must look beyond RFID compliance, analyst says (

  • April, 2005: SAP advises to take RFID one step at a time (
  • April, 2005: Will new RFID technology help or hinder security? (

  Action  Return to Table of Contents


Vulnerability management

  • Compliance management (

  • Establishing security parameters (

  • Mass changing of SAP passwords (

  • Best practices for managing secure Web server configurations (

  • Beware: Security testing tools won't find everything (

  • Best practices for password protection (

  • Introduction to J2EE-based WebSphere security (

Disaster recovery

Deploying applications securely

Incorporating security in the software development lifecycle

  • Keep the bad guys out: Build security into the SDLC (

  • January, 2006: Incorporation of security in development lifecycle sea of change (

  • January, 2006: Build accountability for security into the development process (

  • Are development security tools necessary? (

  • The methodology of software creation/distribution (

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