Learn about SAP in the RFID market with this SAP RFID guide. Get SAP RFID tips, learn how companies solve SAP RFID challenges and read about the latest SAP RFID products.

Learn about SAP in the RFID market with this SAP RFID guide. Get SAP RFID tips, learn how companies solve SAP RFID...

challenges and read about the latest SAP RFID products.

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How does Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) fit in to the SAP market? SAP uses RFID in its SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure, middleware software which is used to integrate RFID with supply chain processes. According to SAP, its RFID technology can handle vast amounts of data, read multiple tags simultaneously, and integrate with other enterprise applications including legacy systems.

SAP first announced its RFID technology at the 2004 National Retail Federation (NRF) show in New York, where it detailed how the Auto-ID solution would allow companies to be compliant with WalMart's RFID standards.

How has SAP RFID developed since? Browse these resources for a closer look at SAP's RFID technology:

SAP, Intermec launch RFID compliance package: Intermec Technologies and SAP rolled out a package of hardware, software and services to help suppliers meet RFID mandates set by German retailer, Metro.

IBM, SAP alliance 'good news for retailers': Read about an SAP/IBM alliance in the retail industry that supports the use of RFID.

RFID boost for mySAP SCM: Read more about the introduction of RFID technology into SAP's mySAP supply chain management (SCM) application.

Is RFID ready for primetime? Get advice on starting an RFID pilot program and evaluating its success from expert Joshua Greenbaum.

SAP, Oracle face critical juncture in RFID market: Learn how Oracle's RFID technology competes with SAP's Auto-ID product line.

SAP RFID: Making Adaptive Enterprise vision a reality: Read about how SAP solutions for auto-ID and item serialization are enabled by three major components and how you can apply them to your organization. 

Once you understand the SAP RFID technology, you must evaluate whether it's a good fit for your company. In this section, we take a look at the challenges and successes of SAP customers who have deployed RFID. These articles and resources also explore how you can get a better ROI on your SAP RFID projects and look beyond compliance at the bigger picture.

To get better ROI from RFID, consider drivers beyond compliance: Radio frequency identification (RFID) projects continue to be driven by compliance initiatives but getting better ROI from RFID involves looking deeper at how Auto-ID can really benefit a business.

Suppliers must look beyond RFID compliance, analyst says: Companies dabbling with RFID technology to meet compliance mandates must look at the broader picture to find ROI, according to an analyst at Boston-based Yankee Group.

RFID secrets: SAP customers ready systems for RFID, part 1: In part one of a two-part interview, Taylor Erickson, an SAP supply chain and ERP expert, explains how SAP customers are readying their applications and data architecture for RFID.

RFID secrets: SAP customers tweak systems for RFID, part 2: In part two of a two-part interview, Taylor Erickson, an SAP supply chain and ERP expert, discusses compliance mandates, ROI and other RFID challenges for SAP customers.

After trial and error, drug maker deploys RFID: Purdue Pharma, among the earliest SAP adopters of RFID, is tracking its most sensitive drugs with the technology. SAP plans to launch industry specific software to deal with RFID deployment and data integration challenges.

RFID help for companies using SAP (RFID Journal): Read about how Acsis, a supply-chain systems specialist based in Marlton, N.J., launched an RFID consulting program to help Wal-Mart suppliers running SAP software.

RFID adopters to share struggles with deployments: Learn what issues early adopters of RFID faced as they struggled to comply with mandates from Wal-Mart and other major retailers.

Companies still seeking ROI in RFID: How did one bicycle manufacturer, and other early RFID adopters, find out the costs of deploying RFID are too high to gain ROI?

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