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SAP Process Integration (PI) training tutorial

In this SAP NetWeaver PI tutorial, learn about SAP NetWeaver PI basics, including how to implement SAP PI 7.1 (formerly NetWeaver XI). Find out about the new changes for the integration engine for SAP's implementation of SOA middleware.

SAP has renamed SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure -- SAP NetWeaver XI -- as SAP NetWeaver Process Integration...

(SAP NetWeaver PI). NetWeaver PI serves as the integration engine for SAP's implementation of SOA middleware. With NetWeaver PI, SAP has included pre-built integrations for connecting SAP systems to each other and to non-SAP systems. But many SAP users are still not sure what the difference is between NetWeaver PI and NetWeaver XI. They have questions such as:

  • What is NetWeaver PI's role within the NetWeaver platform?
  • Is NetWeaver PI basically SAP's new integration engine?
  • What new features are in PI that XI didn't have?
  • How does the product compare to competing middleware products such as Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM)?

This learning guide on SAP XI will answer these and many other questions.


   Key definitions
   Introduction to XI
   XI standards and documentation
   XI technical tips and advice
   Books and discussions


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