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SAP NetWeaver BI training tutorial

SAP BI (business intelligence) can help decision makers get better data, quicker. This guide explains how and why business intelligence (BI) is used -- providing expert advice, decision-making analysis, case studies and business intelligence tools. Read on to learn how to make your business processes more intelligent!

Enterprise planning often requires proactive analysis and trend watching to keep ahead of the competition. As a...

way to compare processes and ROI along a timeline, businesses use a set of applications that has come to be known as business intelligence (BI). It's a fitting term, since when used correctly, the various processes allowed through these applications certainly make enterprises and their executives seem more intelligent than the competition.

This guide will explain how and why business intelligence is used -- providing expert advice, decision making analysis, case studies and business intelligence tools. Read on to find out how to make your own business processes more intelligent!

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If you ask organizations what they want to use BI for, better decision-making is the top answer. The pressure from cost cutting and compliance has put a greater focus on BI, but businesses are still using it very tactically. Successful organizations realize that having a real vision for BI is the key to business performance and they use information as a resource implemented in their business culture.
Frank Buytendijkresearch vice-president, Gartner Research


What is BI?

BI in the news 

Advice on BI

Why BI?

Planning and analysis

Decision support systems

As a business intelligence application, a decision support system (DSS) is a computer program that analyzes business data and presents it so that making business decisions is easier for the user. As opposed to an operational application, which collects data over the normal course of business, business intelligence is an informational application, meaning it gathers data like comparative and projected figures.

Query and reporting

Query, reporting and analysis applications provide end users with mechanisms for designing and distributing reports, building decision support systems (DSS) and executive information systems (EIS), or for performing online analytical processing (OLAP) against multidimensional databases.


Forecasting and data mining

Books and discussions

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