SAP MDM 5.5: A QuickStart Guide

This edition of SAP Crash Course offers Java developers and MDM administrators a how-to on Master Data Management (MDM). Learn about MDM components, installation, maintenance, tips and tools for installing and running SAP MDM.

This crash course is an aid to selecting, installing and operating the core components of SAP Master Data Management (MDM) 5.5. It is intended to supplement SAP guides.

MDM is a package of heterogeneous components -- a diverse mix that makes selecting the right combination the first step to a fruitful implementation.

While MDM is firmly positioned as the Master Data solution for SAP NetWeaver, its underlying technology stack is eclectic, and allows quite a bit of site-specific creativity in the software selection and installation process.

The Java API is the focal platform for custom coding on MDM. A section of this guide is dedicated to getting both experienced and novice Java developers started on MDM based custom development.

Finally, a few tips and helper utilities are included for the care and feeding of the MDM ecosystem.

A QuickStart Guide to SAP MDM 5.5

 Part 1: Select and Install MDM Components
 Part 2: MDM Components and Modules
 Part 3: MDM architecture: How components fit into the MDM eco-system
 Part 4: The OS/DB Product Availability Matrix for MDM 5.5 SP4
 Part 5: MDM for the Java Developer
 Part 6: Tips and Tools for the MDM Administrator
 Part 7: Migrating MDM Configuration

Dee Bishnu, Solutions Architect, Nike, Inc.
Dee has been implementing Data Warehousing and Application Integration solutions for seven years, with a focus on Master Data architecture for enterprise applications. He has an additional nine years of experience with ERP implementations using Oracle Applications, and custom application development on Oracle, Java, Microsoft .NET and IBM technology stacks.
He can be reached at
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