SAP BW Guide: Open Hub Service

Learn how to control and maintain effective data distribution for a timely business with the SAP BW Open Service Hub. This crash course will teach the data warehouse professional how to create and execute InfoSpokes within the open hub to be the central object for data exporting.

The Open Hub service enables you to distribute data from an SAP BW system into external data marts, analytical...

applications, and other applications. With this, you can ensure controlled distribution using several systems. The central object for the export of data is the InfoSpoke. Using this, you can define the object from which the data comes and into which target it is transferred.

Five Objectives

  • Openness to extract data from BW
  • All BW data objects are supported for extraction
  • Delta tracking for each target system
  • Scheduling and central monitoring
  • SAP BW can serve as an enterprise information hub (EDW) and feed data to any downstream system.

This crash course will introduce you to the SAP BW Open Hub Service and guide you through creating, activating and executing an InfoSpoke.

Home: Introduction

  • Part 1: How to get Open Hub Service
  • Part 2: Open hub component: Creating an InfoSpoke
  • Part 3: Creating an InfoSpoke: General Tab
  • Part 4: Creating an InfoSpoke: Destination Tab
  • Part 5: Creating an InfoSpoke: InfoObject Tab
  • Part 6: Creating an InfoSpoke: Selection Tab
  • Part 7: Activation
  • Part 8: Extraction
  • Part 9: Output
  • Review: Conclusion and other resources


Sam Gassem, Sr. SAP Systems Administrator, JCB, Inc. 
Sam has been working with SAP R/3, CRM, BW and EP for over five years with a mastery level in Data Modeling, Data Retrieval, Web Application Design, Reporting and Analysis, and R/3 SAP Query. He also has another five years of experience working in other areas including ABAP development, functional and technical aspects in SAP.
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