Part 2: Open hub component: Creating an InfoSpoke

Learn how to control and maintain effective data distribution for a timely business with the SAP BW Open Service Hub. This crash course will teach the data warehouse professional how to create and execute InfoSpokes within the open hub to be the central object for data exporting.


The main component of the open hub is an InfoSpoke. All you have to do to extract data from BW using open hub service is create and activate an InfoSpoke for each BW object. I have provided a series of screen-prints that show just how easy it is to create an InfoSpoke.

Creating an InfoSpoke

In the main menu of the Administrator Workbench, choose:

Tools _ Open Hub Service

Enter a technical name for your InfoSpoke. Choose:
Create InfoSpoke

In the following dialog box, enter a description for your InfoSpoke. You can also specify a template here.

SAP BW Guide: Open Hub Service

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 Part 1: How to get Open Hub Service
  Part 2: Open hub component: Creating an InfoSpoke
 Part 3: Creating an InfoSpoke: General Tab
 Part 4: Creating an InfoSpoke: Destination Tab
 Part 5: Creating an InfoSpoke: InfoObject Tab
 Part 6: Creating an InfoSpoke: Selection Tab
 Part 7: Activation
 Part 8: Extraction
 Part 9: Output
 Review: Conclusion and other resources
This was last published in October 2006

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