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SAP NetWeaver skills, certifications and jobs

Learn about SAP NetWeaver jobs, find out how to create an SAP NetWeaver career and discover who can benefit from SAP NetWeaver certification and classes.

Table of contents:

What is SAP NetWeaver?
SAP NetWeaver Implementation
SAP NetWeaver Configuration and Customization
Learning More About SAP NetWeaver

Learning about SAP NetWeaver is a long journey, but one that can pay off. Here are resources and materials to help you take the next step by preparing for SAP NetWeaver jobs. You'll learn whether SAP NetWeaver certification is valuable and understand where NetWeaver fits in, salary- and prospects-wise, with other SAP jobs.

SAP NetWeaver Skills and Certification

SAP consultants as well as IT specialists in SAP-using companies can gain much from learning more about NetWeaver. To that end, here is advice on the question of whether NetWeaver certification will advance your career. Since there is some overlap between ABAP and NetWeaver, it will also help to know whether NetWeaver certification will help the ABAP developer. There are many other questions in the domain of NetWeaver skills and certification, and we invite you to utilize our NetWeaver expert, Axel Angeli, to help answer all of your skills and certification questions in NetWeaver.

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Building an SAP NetWeaver career

Should you move to SAP NetWeaver?

Ask the NetWeaver expert your questions about SAP application infrastructure and ABAP and Java development

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Careers in SAP NetWeaver

For those interested in SAP jobs in general, and NetWeaver jobs in particular, the surest path is to acquire expertise in both ABAP and Java. This not only prepares you for a broader range of SAP deployment scenarios but also makes you more adept in integrating non-SAP systems into SAP.

For consultants at an earlier or transitional stage in their careers, here is advice on whether you should move to NetWeaver or whether, as a Java specialist, you should learn NetWeaver. Be aware that creating a NetWeaver career can take some planning and creative thinking.

In SAP's terminology, a Business Process Expert (BPX) is someone who understands how SOA and BPM combine to add value to SAP solutions. BPX training and certification is available, and SAP believes that it would be of value to project managers in both IT and business who need a better understanding of SAP's foundations. Thus, everyone professionally interested in NetWeaver should be sure to learn more about BPX classes and certification.

Table of contents:

What is SAP NetWeaver?
SAP NetWeaver Implementation
SAP NetWeaver Configuration and Customization
Learning More About SAP NetWeaver

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