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IT checklist: JCo installation exception madness

Misleading or even indecipherable exception messages seem to be the rule of the day when it comes to debugging JCo connector installation exceptions. This checklist by veteran Java expert Austin Sincock sets the record straight on a number of bewildering and headache-inducing exceptions.

Misleading or even indecipherable exception messages seem to be the rule of the day when it comes to debugging...

JCo connector installation exceptions. These are the exceptions that arise from misplaced libraries, mismatched library versions, or platform-specific installation issues. Over the years, I have run the gamut of JCo library installation errors. Whether I am simply trying to install a new version of JCo or porting an existing JCo-based application to a new operating system, I run into the inevitable JCo exception that sends me scouring the Web for a solution.

The following list is an attempt to gather the most common JCo installation exceptions into one concise checklist. My intent is to provide you with a single resource to quickly diagnose and resolve issues related to installing and supporting the SAP Java Connector.

Although these exceptions occur across different platforms, I have decided to keep my directory listings and library names specific to the Windows platform. This is not due to any strong bias I have for Microsoft (far from it, in fact), but to provide information relevant to the platform most developers use to support initial application development, i.e. Windows. The final section details issues around getting JCo to work on a UNIX-flavor system.


  Home: Introduction
 Scenario 1: JCo is unable to find the RFCDSK API library in the system path
 Scenario 2: JCo is unable to find the JCORFC library in the system path
 Scenario 3: JCo cannot load its RFC middleware layer (3 exceptions)
 Scenario 4: JCo finds the wrong version of the librfc library
 Scenario 5: JCo exceeds the number of SAP-allocated work processes
 Scenario 6: Installing/porting JCo to other operating systems
 Review: Conclusion and more resources

Austin Sincock, technical author and SAP/Java evangelist
Austin Sincock is a freelance SAP integration architect, specializing in high performance Java development for SAP. He is also the author of Enterprise Java for SAP.
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This was last published in June 2005

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