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Special Report: Getting started with SAP mobile applications

In this special report, learn about SAP's mobile applications strategy and latest offerings. Find out the details of the SAP-Sybase merger. Read some SAP mobile project best practices.

As smartphones have increased in popularity in recent years, they have also become a staple for many businesses. In response to growing demand, SAP has made strides into the mobile market by releasing on-the-go versions of its business applications. Users have a growing variety of SAP mobile apps to choose from - but where should they start?

In this special report, find out what functionality SAP has to offer in the mobile space now and what’s coming up in its mobile strategy. Read the latest on how SAP is using its acquisition of software company Sybase to increase its mobile offerings.  Learn how to get started with an SAP mobile project and find best practices to ensure project success.

SAP’s mobile strategy and offerings

SAP launches Business ByDesign for the iPhone

While there may not be as many Business ByDesign users as SAP would like, those users can now access an abbreviated version of the application just about anywhere they want – as long as they have an iPhone.

SAP to release industry-specific Business Objects applications

SAP is releasing 10 industry-specific Business Objects applications it says can be deployed in a fraction of the usual time and accessed on mobile devices.

Sapphire: Users like SAP's push on mobile, on-demand and in-memory, but aren't ready

In the 2010 Sapphire Now keynote, the co-CEOs reiterated SAP's focus on delivering software on-demand, on-premise and on-device. And while attendees are all ears, reality is different.

SAP relying more on partners to deliver SAP mobile infrastructure

In a shift from its go-it-alone strategy, SAP is partnering to deliver SAP mobile infrastructure, a move welcomed by analysts and customers.

SAP ITS Mobile helps manufacturer improve quality of RF warehouse transactions

SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) Mobile can overcome the limitations of mobile devices by Web-enabling radio frequency (RF) transactions used in warehouse management.

SAP-Sybase mobile developments

SAP to add Sybase's mobile platform, database business

SAP will buy Sybase for $5.8 billion adding in-memory technology and mobility to its applications business.

SAP-Sybase will deliver combined mobile development platform in nine months

SAP today revealed its plans for Sybase, its newly acquired subsidiary, which will allow developers to build mobile applications that can access data from SAP's applications on any device.

Sybase buy lends clarity to SAP's mobile strategy, but fuzziness persists

SAP's Sybase acquisition gives the vendor a solid mobile infrastructure on which to base its mobile strategy. But the futures of NetWeaver and partner relationships aren't as clear.

SAP mobile projects tips and best practices

Devices, usability, alignment faulted in mobile SAP project failure

Why do mobile SAP projects fail? Usability is chief amongst the list of reasons.

Planning an SAP mobile applications project

Delivering SAP mobile applications is a centerpiece of the vendor’s strategy. How can organizations align their SAP mobile strategies with SAP’s plans?

How to staff a successful mobile SAP project

Sometimes when you're deploying a mobile project in SAP, such as in SAP xApp Mobile Time and Travel 2.0, success is all in the staffing. Here are some tips for how to select personnel.

Ensuring SAP security on mobile devices means tough encryption, planning

An SAP mobile applications strategy needs to take into account SAP mobile device security, and that requires tough encryption and proper planning.

SAP mobile infrastructure case study: Terasen Gas

For an aggressive field services project, utility company Terasen Gas looked to Syclo to mobilize SAP applications.

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