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Choosing SAP ERP software for the midmarket, SMBs

In this special report, gain insight into choosing SAP ERP software for small and midmarket organizations. Read up on the basics of SAP Business ByDesign, SAP's on-demand software for SMBs, and get expert advice and tips on SAP’s on-demand strategy. You'll get the facts on SAP Business One and find strategies for cutting SAP TCO.

More than two years after SAP debuted Business ByDesign – the on-demand ERP suite for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) – the vendor has finally made the product generally available. SAP made the announcement at Sapphire Now 2010. This July, SAP released a new version of the product, Business ByDesign version 2.5.

SAP Business ByDesign will be sold alongside SAP’s two on-premise products for SMBs – SAP Business One and SAP Business All-in-One. SAP Business One is mainly for companies with under 100 employees, and All-in-One is mainly for organizations with between 500 and 2,500.

With Business ByDesign now on the table, how will organizations choose between the on-demand and on-premise options? It’s one of the many things to consider when moving from running a business on QuickBooks or Excel, to ERP.

In this special report, gain an understanding about SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business All-in-One and SAP Business One, and find out about the challenges SMBs face when looking to implement an ERP suite. Get expert advice and tips on what to watch out for when choosing small and midmarket ERP software, gain insight into SAP’s on-demand strategy, and learn more about SMB strategies for cutting costs in the long run.

The basics of SAP Business One

ERP for small business: What happened when a company replaced Infor with SAP
Plant distributor Bamboo Pipeline was using Infor. After a search of similar ERP software, it settled on SAP because of its ease of use and scalability.

Selecting the right SAP implementation partner demands metrics, relationships
Little things can add up to ERP failure. Forrester Research's Liz Herbert has some tips on how to make ERP implementations and upgrades with implementation providers successful.

A tale of two small businesses and their ERP software
Two small companies make different choices for SAP small business software, driving ERP spending.

SAP Business One goes to the dogs
With the help of SAP Business One, Pooch Inc. sought to change the luxury pet supply market.

SAP extends enhancement package program to Business One
SAP provides regular enhancement packages to update its Business One product, similar to its model for mySAP ERP customers.

Getting a handle on SAP Business ByDesign, SAP’s on-demand ERP software for SMBs

Special Report: SAP's on-demand strategy 
In this special report, learn about SAP's on-demand strategy, including what's in store for large companies and smaller companies with SAP Business ByDesign.

Sapphire Now 2010: Users like SAP's push on mobile, on-demand and in-memory, but aren't ready
At Sapphire, SAP reiterated its focus on delivering its software on-premise, on-demand and on mobile devices, and also made Business ByDesign generally available, two years after the on-demand suite for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was debuted  and subsequently pulled back off the market.

Is Business ByDesign the future of SaaS CRM at SAP?
SAP confirmed predictions at Sapphire when it said the next version of SAP Business ByDesign will include a multi-tenancy option, real-time analytics, support for mobile devices, a better UI and a development environment for partners. The product also appears to be core to the new SaaS CRM strategy.

Video: Ray Wang on SAP's cloud strategy, SaaS options
SAP recently outlined its plans for on-demand software, which includes a major rollout of Business ByDesign. In this video, Ray Wang, partner at Altimeter Group, gives his take on SAP's cloud plans and offers some advice for prospective buyers.


Understanding SAP Business All-in-One

Two midmarket CIOs choose SAP over Oracle, others for ERP software
Joerns Healthcare and Saladino's, which both selected SAP Business All-in-One, share what to watch out for when choosing midmarket ERP software.

SAP teams with Intel for SMB appliance 
SAP and Intel teamed up to offer SAP All-in-One on Intel Xeon-based systems using SUSE Linux and SAP's MaxDB database.

SAP All-in-One replaces Sage mid-project 
A medical supplies company replaced Sage with SAP All-in-One mid-project, costing itself two months, but still finished on time and on budget.

SAP All-in-One gets improvements, customers
SAP All-in-One will offer 60 new best practices and recently secured its 10,000th customer.

Strategies for SMBs for cutting SAP TCO

The seven hidden costs of SAP support 
Many midmarket companies are trying to save money by forgoing upgrades and new projects. But supporting applications in maintenance mode could have hidden costs.

In ERP software comparison, SAP scores highest, but Tier 2 competitive 
SAP ranks highest in ERP customer satisfaction and delivering business benefits, but Tier 2 ERP vendors offer comparable benefits at lower costs, according to a recent report.

SAP to cut spending but spare product development, help with SMB financing 
An abrupt halt in SMB spending has SAP cutting millions in expenses, but it won't come at the expense of development, officials say. SAP will also help customers with financing.

SAP offers finance help, SMB software discounts, new software packages 
SAP yesterday rolled out a program to help SMBs with financing and new software packages for enterprise customers.

NetSuite targets SAP R/3 customers with discounted SaaS ERP offer 
Trying to capitalize on anger over SAP support fee hikes, NetSuite offers SAP R/3 customers a guarantee to cut maintenance and support bills in half.

Making midmarket ERP a success: Advice on implementations, go-live and support 
One implementation provider shares advice for midmarket ERP customers on managing implementations, success after go-live and how to get value from Enterprise Support.

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