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Checklist of JCo exception messages

Misleading or even indecipherable exception messages seem to be the rule of the day when it comes to debugging JCo connector installation exceptions. This checklist by Java expert Austin Sincock sets the record straight on a number of exceptions.

Conclusion Although not an exhaustive list of ALL possible JCo exceptions, this checklist should help you solve...

some of the most common ones. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get the JCo connector running on a new system and being met with bizarre exceptions. If I have missed any of your favorites, feel free to e-mail them to me (hopefully with a respective solution) and I will share your insight with the world. Happy coding...

Enterprise Java for SAP by Austin Sincock
SAP JCo HTML help and tutorial documentation

Also be sure to check out Austin's Java development section in the Ask the Expert forum. Click here to browse previously answered user questions, or click here to send in a question of your own.


 Home: Introduction
 Scenario 1: JCo is unable to find the RFCDSK API library in the system path
 Scenario 2: JCo is unable to find the JCORFC library in the system path
 Scenario 3: JCo cannot load its RFC middleware layer (3 exceptions)
 Scenario 4: JCo finds the wrong version of the librfc library
 Scenario 5: JCo exceeds the number of SAP-allocated work processes
 Scenario 6: Installing/porting JCo to other operating systems
  Review: Conclusion and more resources
Austin Sincock, technical author and SAP/Java evangelist
Austin Sincock is a freelance SAP integration architect, specializing in high performance Java development for SAP. He is also the author of Enterprise Java for SAP.
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