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Web-enabled workitems

You can have workflow generate workitems that can be executed both in the Web environment and in a regular R/3 environment

You can have workflow generate workitems that can be executed both in the Web environment as a custom web application, and in a regular R/3 environment as an ABAP application.
This tip is intended for release 4.6C.

1. You have developed custom IAC that you want to use as the web front-end for the task.
2. You already have developed a workflow dialog task that you want to "Web-enable"

1. In the WF Builder, create a new Web transaction for the task (Menu: Goto->Web transaction -> Generate)
At this point SAP will generate Web-forms IAC and tcode for it, and assign tcode to the task.
You may delete the generated ABAP module pool since you won't need it anymore.

2. Extend your custom application with additional screen which will be used as an entry point for the web transaction. The screen should have the following fields:
- WI_ID (PID='WID', Char12) - will contain workitem id.
- CALLINGSERVICE (PID = 'CSV', Char20) - name of the calling service/tcode

Develop PAI module which would grab WI_ID from screen, go to the workitem container and retrieve necessary data for the application.

3. Assign the transaction name, created on the step 1, to your application (use the new screen created in step 2 as the initial screen). Make it the easy-web transaction.

4. Create ITS service with EXACTLY the same name as the web transaction created in step 2 & 3, and assign it to this transaction. Copy or create all necessary HTML templates and resources in the ITS service. Publish it.

5. You're done. When you will start your workitem from the Web - it'll run your custom easy-web transaction. And when executed from R/3, the workitem will run the object method.

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