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User defined menu - easier navigation

By using the area menu, you can create user defined menus.

By using the Area Menu, you can create user defined menus which will be helpul for:

a) Easy & faster navigation

b) Easy authorisation control

c) Maintain flow of transaction entries simpler

Using Transaction Code SE93, create a user defined menu by choosing the Area Menu option. Type in a suitable title for the user and create the sub-menus - and attach needed T Codes in the same.

By using the Function Key Assignment, assign commonly used T Codes like S000(name it as Main Menu) and link it in the application tool bar. This will make the T Code appear in the status bar and make navigation more user friendly.

In case of Development Server usage, other useful T Codes like SE38 / SE37 / SE93 / SE09 etc. can be attached in the application tool bar to make it more useful.

After creating the T Code, attach it to the user profile using T Code SU01. Next time and every time the user opens up the SAPGUI, a personalised navigation menu will be available.

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