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User & authorization related tables

User and Authorization system related tables.

USR01 contains the runtime data of the user master records
USR02 is the table containing logon information such as the password
USR03 includes the users' address information


USR04 contains users' authorizations
USR05 is the users' parameter ID table
USR09 contains user menus
USR10 is the table for user authorization profiles
USR11 contains the descriptive texts for profiles
USR12 is the user master authorization values table
USR13 contains the descriptive short texts for authorizations
USR14 contains the logon language versions per user
USR30 includes additional information for user menus

USH02, USH04, USH10 and USH12 contains Users and profile and 
authorization change history data.

Tables related with authorizations objects and authorization fields are as follows:

TOBJ is the authorization objects table containing the authorization
fields for each.

TACT contains the list of standard activities authorization fields
in the system.

TACTZ is the table which defines the relationship between the
authorization objects and the activities in those objects containing
the Activity authorization field.

TSTC is the transaction code table where authorization objects 
and values can be defined.


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