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Update queue issue

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We are having a problem with our update queues filling up when someone in accounting runs a billing due list. All four queues fill up and no one can make changes to the system for about one hour and a half. I have spoken to other basis consultants and have heard that you can assign jobs to only run in certain queues. Is this true? Where and how can I change this? Could someone point me in the right direction?

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Are you referring to update processes? Check the workload and see if the number of update processes is configured to handle the peak load. Also, you may have to configure some secondary update processes so that statistics updates if any can by done by secondary update processes thus freeing up some UPD processes.

When this billing due list runs, does the one update process run for a long time? If so check if any specific table access is taking a long time by running a trace. General guidelines are to have 1 update process for every 4 dialog processes and one secondary update process for every 4 update processes.

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I had a similar situation some time ago for traffic document updates. I had to update my traffic patches to fix these issues.
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