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Time-saving ST05 tips

Here are some time-saving tips for when you're working with ST05.

ST05 sometimes display up to a few dozen possible sources of transparent tables, making it impossible and exhausting to examine each table one by one. My tip here is that you can short-list the possible candidate of transparent table by examining the number of records fetched and INSERT statement in ST05 table listing.

A. Using number of table record fetched in ST05 for Display/Change transaction
Example: Searching PO line item transparent table, get a created PO with let say 10 line items:
a. Go to ME23, key-in PO number. Wait! Don't ENTER first.
b. Open another session, go to ST05, switched on SQL trace
c. Go back to screen at (a), ENTER now
d. Go back to SQL trace screen from (b), Trace Off then List Trace to examine the list of table, check and short list those table with fetched record number of 10(in this example), these are the possible source of PO item data transparent table.

2. Short list those table with INSERT transaction in ST05 for Create transaction.
Example: PO creation
a. Do the same steps as in (A1), but with transaction ME21
b. In SQL trance table listing, check and short listing those table with INSERT in statement column

B. Using search help in looking for configuration transparent table

1. From any screen field
Example: Search configuration table for PO item category
a. Go to transaction ME21
b. Click on Item category screen field (technical info indicate it comes from structure field), list the search help, click the item category on search help result, display the technical info of this field in this search help result. If the technical info indicate a transparent table, this is the table you are looking for, else if it comes from a view, check out the view definition.

2. From data browser SE16
If you know any transparent table that contains the PO Item Category (example: EKPO), display it in SE16, double clicking on any record from selected entries, display the search help result for item category, then check the search help result technical info as in (B1).

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