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TEMSE cleanup trick

This tip tells you how to clean up a bad TemSe entry in table TST03.

We once had a bad TemSe entry in table TST03. There was one entry that repeated itself literally hundereds of...


Whenever we tried cleaning this up in normal SAP fashion (SPAD/SP12) the process would consume all of our database locks due to the bad entry. The normal SAP TemSe cleanup processes don't do commits like they should; thus, the large number of database locks (that have to rollback once the process fails -- aghh!).

Anyway, after looking an SAP notes 48400 and 11070, SAP sent us a "secret" abap that did the trick.

If you find yourself in this position ask your OSS rep to send you a copy of the top secret abap RSTS9803. This will prompt you for the bad entry number and will do commits while it removes it out of ALL the TemSe tables.

Watch the size of those table go down after running this tasty abap!

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