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Splitting the string to fit in standard text

Need to split your string into 72 characters? Use this handy method and your string will fit the characters in standard text.

Often during project developments, there is a need for splitting a string to fit in the standard text. But the...

standard text can accommodate only 72 characters per line.

We usually end up writing a big code for splitting the string at 72 characters. Instead, the function module G_SPLIT_LINE can be used to split the string to 72 characters. The resultant table can be used for directly updating the standard text. Use the sample code below:

CLEAR str_len .

str_len = strlen( w_string ) .

IF str_len GT split_len .

CALL FUNCTION 'G_SPLIT_LINE' EXPORTING input_line = w_string TABLES export_lines = split_tab.

* Updating the internal table of structure TLINE LOOP AT split_tab . MOVE split_tab-txt_line TO txt_tab-tdline . APPEND txt_tab . ENDLOOP .

ELSE. ......... ENDIF.

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