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Solving SAP print problems

Many of you have written to say that printing from SAP is a lot like root canal. The process is slow and painful, but necessary. Our experts drill down to solve print issues here.

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2007 Many of you have written to say that printing from SAP is a lot like root canal. The...

process is slow and painful, but necessary. Our experts drill down to solve print issues here.


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Dear All,

We're currently having issue which our users unable to print out their SAP COA PDF Documents directly/automatically at their Printer server (local printer) after defined the Output Device (S method). But they need to trigger the COA PDF document printing from SP01/SP02 manually and then only the COA PDF documents could be printed out at their Printer server (local printer).
Anyone has faced this kind of similar issue and would you mind to share the information/solution?

Transaction code : YQM2566 (customized transaction code)
Module: QM
Program ID: SAPMY2566QM
Program Name: COA Individual print screen
Function Module to call COA PDF Printing Display: Y_QM_GET_COA_LAYOUT_DATA
And calling the SAP Standard Function: CALL FUNCTION 'FP_JOB_OPEN'

Thanks and Best Regards,