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Smart Forms: changing output logo and logo size

Is the logo in a Smart Form output different from the graphic you imported? Or maybe you need to output the Smart Form to a different size? This tip can save some debugging time.

Have you ever wondered why the logo in a Smart Form output is different from the graphic that you have imported?...

Or maybe you need to output the Smart Form to a different size? This tip can save some debugging time.

When a graphic is imported, it has a resolution of a certain number of dots per inch. After importing, you can see this number under the Technical Attributes in trxn SE78->Graphics->Bitmap. The attributes will also tell you the picture size.

When you include this graphic in the Smart Forms (this is also the trxn id), go to your form, and then the node where you want the graphic. You may have a node under Pages and Windows -> PAGE New Page.

Then in the tab Background Picture, the Output Attributes -> Resolution controls the size of the picture or graphic that is output in the form. If you keep this resolution the same as that in the imported graphic (that you saw in SE78), then the graphic in the output form will have the same size as that of the imported graphic. If you want to increase (or decrease) the output size, then you reduce (or increase) the resolution in Smart Forms -- this will result in stretching (or contracting) the graphic in the output form.

You can also test this in SE93 by testing the trxn that uses the form in SE93.

This was last published in August 2005

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