Saving report to a PDF file

Printing Invoices, Purchase orders and Checks has always been an painful task in SAP, especially If you are using SAP forms.

Printing Invoices, purchase orders and checks has always been an painful task in SAP, especially if you are using SAP forms.

Fortunately SAP provides printing reports/documents in a PDF format. You could make your reports appear nearly as "smart" as smart forms using this technique.

Use this function module: CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF, this converts your spool request to a PDF file on your desktop.

As an example look into this program (4.6x): RSTXPDFT4.


1. Voila'! Trendy report printing made really very easy.

On the flip-side:

1. You have to send your report to printer and then print the spool to PDF file, so if the user sets his/her defaults to "print immediately"...boom! waste of paper. But this can be over come by using the function module - GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS to suppress printing but just create spool.

2. You cannot control the font size on reports, so is your PDF file.

Alternate function module: SX_OBJECT_CONVERT_OTF_PDF.

So next time you think about great reports think PDF.

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