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SAP's forward navigation unleashed

Learn how SAP has implemented forward navigation so that you can implement the same in your own ABAP programs.

Would you like to know how SAP has implemented forward navigation, and learn to implement the same in your ABAP...

programs? It's very simple to navigate to any kind of SAP object from within your programs. The following code snippet allows you to select an object name and the type of the object (whether it is a program, data element or domain etc.). The name of the object is written on the basic list. You just need to double click on the object name in the basic list, which navigates you to the corresponding object.

report zrekhatest.

  p_oname like tadir-obj_name obligatory,   " Object name
  p_otype(4) type c obligatory.             " Object type

* Provide any of the following values for p_otype on the
* selection-screen.
* PROG Program
* FUGR Function grou
* CLAS Class
* TABL Table/structu
* VIEW View
* TTYP Table type
* DTEL Data element

write:/ p_oname.
hide:   p_oname.

at line-selection.

call function 'RS_TOOL_ACCESS'
  operation      = 'SHOW'
  object_name    = p_oname
  object_type    = p_otype.
This was last published in February 2005

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