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SAP ITS Debugging

If you have ITS and need to debug what is going on in SAP while you are clicking through a screen, this tip might save time.

If you have ITS implemented at your company and you need to debug what is going on in SAP while you are clicking through a screen, you might think the only way possible is to run the same transaction in R/3 and hit /H in the command line. Well, sometimes, you might come across problems running the transaction thro IE (Internet Explorer)and no issues through R/3.

The simplest solution is: Log on to the ITS with the SAPGUI (rather than the R/3 server) while you have a browser session open. That duplicates your existing browser session in a new SAPGUI window. This means, on your SAP logon pad, create a new logon with the application server being the serven on which your ITS sits and the system no 00. Now, open IE and go to the ITS transaction. Then, open your R/3 session with the new logon you just created. It automatically synchronizes with the same screen you are in IE. When you keep going from screen to screen in IE, the R/3 sessions keeps changing in sync. Now, type /H in the command line of R/3 which is giving you problems. Now, when you click any button in IE, the R/3 screen goes into debug mode and then you can debug normally. Hope this helps.

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