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Retrieve BI data with Web Services

Did you ever want to know how to display BI information at the same time as CRM information? This tip will show you how to manage this with the BSP application (in an HTMLB table).

This tip will display BI information at the same time as CRM information in the BSP application (an HTMLB table). This enhancement does not require dual maintenance of business logic in BI because business logic changes are made within the query and not in the BSP application.

Here is a custom made approvals application (no SAP standard approvals application). This displays all the CRM and BI data that is awaiting approval.
This is the other half of the table (scroll to the right) that displays key items in the query.
The simplicity of this lies in the fact that one developer can build this web service framework to allow queries to be called in the instances. This means that the rest of the developers in the company do not need to understand this to implement it. This is because the "queryEngine" offers a standard set of methods.
The information needed to provide a query in BW is in this image. This is where you hard code a cube name and a query name.
This image shows the process of setting a variable input for the query in order to get the resulting data set as a complex data structure.
Logical port definition uses an SSO logon ticket: An end user authenticates with Portal which generates an SSO2 Ticket and this Ticket is passes the user credentials from CRM to BI.

Create and Release the Web Service in the BI System: Release the service after you do the transport and don't forget to reactivate the security aspect it in SICF.

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