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Reloading archived SD/MM documents safely

So you started archiving and the next week you get calls from users who can't find sales orders.

So you started archiving, and the next week you get calls from users who can't find sales orders for whatever reason.(Refunding...

of a sale, doing a challenge, etc.)

First, I have to say that SAP doesn't support the reloading of all documents, although they do provide the programs. Unfortunately, sometimes, there is no other solution.


1. You would need to reload the Sales Order (SD_VBAK), Invoice(SD_VBRK) and deliveries(RV_LIKP)to be able to challenge or refund or change whatever sale happened (in that order). It's not neccesary and also not possible to reload GD good issues.


1. Go to VA03, enter Sales Order number, and click Document Flow. If the sales order is not available you would need to reload that first.

2. Make a list of all invoices and deliveries that need to be reloaded once the sales order has been reloaded and you are able to check the Document Flow in VA03.

3. The quickest way to find the correct Archive run to use for the reload of something is to use the analyze option in transaction SARA for that archive object and try to find the document by checking one run at a time. Make a note of which run contains the document.


1. Goto transaction SE38
2. Programs to use (depending on what you are reloading):
Sales Orders: S3VBAKRL
Invoices: S3VBRKRL
Deliveries: S3LIKPRL
And then Execute.
3. Uncheck the 'Test' box.
4. Enter the document number or list of numbers (do NOT enter a range)
5. Click on Execute
6. Select Archive run as found in tip 3 and execute.
7. Wait....

When all reloadings are finished, check that the status of all relevant documents as stated in tip 1 is now 'Completed'

Remember to reload the different documents in the proper sequence (first Sales Orders, then Invoices and then deliveries).

Reloading can be a time-consuming process. If you keep track of what you're doing it should be quite safe to reload the above type of documents.

Good luck!


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