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RSUSR003 For Checking SAP* and DDIC in all clients + login params.

Not a tip, more of an interesting report.

Not a tip; this is an interesting report.

This report is especially good if you have a new system and need to ensure SAP* and DDIC have been secured in all clients. This report also allows you to check login parameters such as number of invalid login attempts until user lock, login/system_client and many others.

execute RSUSR003 in se38.

Another good report is RSUSR006. This shows locked User master records and gives a status which will tell you the number of incorrect logins by user. This is invaluable for tracking security problems such as usernames that are being "shared" by users.

Execute RSUSR006 in se38 or use path SU01 -- >Information -- >Information System -- >User -- >List of User Master Records Locked Due to Incorrect Logon.

These reports are available from release 3.0E forward.

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