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Printing to PDF file

Want to print to a PDF file?

Want to print to a PDF file? Look at Note 317851. In the 'attachments' section, download the locally required attachment. Then unzip the downloaded file - there is a file 'Readme.Upload' which gives you the steps to upload the other file in the zip - 'ZPDF1.PRI' (for example). Here is the relevant part of the file:

 Use SE38 transaction in R/3 to execute report RSTXSCRP. Enter parameters:
 Select radiobutton "device type"
 Object name: Zxxxyyyy  (this is the name of the device type)
 Mode:        IMPORT
 Select radiobutton "File system: GUI"
 (All other parameters with default values)
 Execute report. Later, a popup window will appear, prompting you to
 select the Z.....PRI file on the PC.
Now you can use SPAD to create a new output device with that type. Follow the steps below after uploading the zpdf1.pr1 file to SAP system.

If you want to save to a file:
1) Create a printer on your PC using port FILE (print to file - don't forget to set it as a default printer.)
2) In SPAD, define a ZPDF output device with access method F and point to the printer you just defined on the PC.
3) Test print from SAPGUI using the ZPDF device you just defined.
4) When SAPLDP comes up, it will prompt you for a filename to save, enter a filename with a .pdf extension.
5) Generally it will be saved in c:winnntsystem (the location can be changed.)

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