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Post a vendor invoice referencing an existing invoice

Using Transaction FBR2, an Accounts Payable user can reference an invoice accounting document number.

Using Transaction FBR2, an Accounts Payable user with the appropriate role can reference an invoice accounting document number regardless whether it was posted directly in financial accounting or in Materials Management, and regardless whether it was a paid, unpaid, or canceled invoice. This is particularly handy when a user is limited to entering invoices, but cannot make changes to fields in the posted invoice. This is also a huge relief when an invoice contains upward to 100 line items that needs one minor change.

When using FBR2, a user can call in an existing invoice, and assuming configuration is as mine is, the user can make changes to any fields. The existing invoice can be brought in with or without dollar amounts. It can be brought in as a credit memo, thus reversing the original debits and credits. When the document is posted, it creates a new document number. If the referenced invoice needs canceled, this can be done before or after referencing.


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