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Personalization of your SAP system via logon screen, splash screen & 2 others.

Adding text to the logon screen, change the splash on the main menu and more.

I don't know about you but I have problems remembering how to add text to the logon screen, change the splash on the main menu, changing the rippling water up on the top right of the Enjoy screen and changing the content of the startup movie. I have seen these tips individually but never together.

1) Adding text to the SAP logon screen. This is very handy for identifying which SAP system the user is about to log onto, especially non production boxes. You can also warn them here of pending changes, updates or outages. Because it is up while they are typing in their userid and password, they can't claim they missed the system message. SAP icons like the stop sign and warning signs can also be displayed. Details can be found in OSS note #205487. Here are the guts:
Go to Transaction SE61 and select the document 'General text' (selection via F4 help), and create a text with the name ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFOin the language defined with profile parameter zcsa/system_language.

If the text does not exist in the system language, no output is made.

Note that there is space for 16 lines with 45 fixed-font characters each or for approximately 60 proportional space font characters on the logon screen.

Title lines (can be recognized by means of format keys starting with a 'U') are highlighted in the display.

You may also output icons at the beginning of lines by using an icon code (for example, @[email protected] for the STOP icon). You can get a list of icon codes from Report RSTXICON. Pay attention to the codes with two '@' symbols displayed by the report. You cannot include text symbols. The 'include indicator' cannot be used for this function. SUBHINT here. These can be used on system messages as well.

Creating/changing this text requires a changeable system. Therefore, for production systems, SAP recommends maintaining the text in the upstream system and then transporting it. To do this, select a transportable (customer) development class when you create the text and save the active version prior to the export. The transport is done via the transport object R3TR DOCT ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO The text can be changed in the original system only (see TADIR entry R3TR DOCT ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO). When making a change in a non-original system, a modified text would be generated which cannot be represented sensefully on the initial screen.

2) Changing the splash screen on the main menu can add some pizzazz to the otherwise boring screen. It can also be changed easily on a regular basis. For production systems a company logo and/or company mission statement might be appropriate. Here are the instructions:

First, in transaction SMW0 (SAP Web Repository), select "Binary data for WebRFC applications. The logo must be in a .gif format. From this transaction, create a new object, then choose to IMPORT. You must then specify the path to the .gif object you have saved, and select the option to TRANSFER.

Then, maintain table SSM_CUST via SM30. Change the field START_IMAGE to the name of the object you created in SMW0.

3) Changing the rippling water on the top right on all is easy but tedious and requires no change to the SAP system. The file name is 'sapalogo.bmp' and resided in the directory "SAPpcsapguithemesdefault". Looking at this file you can see how it works. Use an editor like Paint and replace each of the SAP ripple images with a morphing image of your own. Make sure the new image is the same size as the original. There are 33 images in the original but you don't need that many. One idea for a morphing image would be to take your company logo and have it build its way across the screen and then off again.

4) Changing the startup movie is even easier. Replace the file 'sapss.avi' with a short avi of your own. This file resides in the same directory as 'sapalogo.bmp'.

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