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Oracle Upgrade 8.0. to 8.1

Did you know that upgrade documentation is available on the 8.1.7 CD or sapNet?

Upgrade documentation is available on the 8.1.7 CD or sapNet

1. Copy Oracle 8174 Cd to Prd system f:ora_patch_8174
2. Check all the service is running or not? It should be YES
3. System properties -> environment „³ see the use variable existing
4. Shut down SAP
5. Shutdown Database
6. Oracle TNSListener80 stop from --> Control Panel Service
7. Click Database software from -> F:NTI386sapserver.cmd
8. Destination Name (PRD817)
9. Path D:oraclePRD817-> choose next
(It will take 15 minutes ¡V only sapdb.exe take 2/3 minutes)
10. Net8 Configuration Assistant: welcome --> perform typical configuration-> Click next
11. End of installation automatically (Time 2 minutes)

Preparing for the database upgrade

1. From D:orantDATABASEinitDEV.ora
3. Change LOG_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL = 300000 and LOG_BUFFER= 1048576
4. Control Panel „³System„³Environment„³ Under the User Variable PRDADM „³
ORACLE_HOME „³ Delete Variable and the click OK 5. Log off and Log on again

Upgrading the database

0. Stop „³ SAPIDE_00 service
1. Start „³ Program „³Oracle- PRD817„³Migration Utilities„³ Oracle Data Migration Assistant
2. ODMA : Welcome „³ Choose next
3. Next
4. Internal password (svrmgrl) (Wait 2 minutes)
5. Select default and then choose next
6. I have already backup my database „³ Radio button „³Next
7. Next „³ Yes (It will takes 30- 40 minutes )
8. Choose yes to migrate the Listener
9. One error is coming with the 5 file e.g IDE recompile .log,IDEU0800060.log,IDESTARTUP.log,IDEGETCTL..log and IDESTARTUP_RESTRICT.log
10. Click „³ finish

Installing Patch

1. Stop all the oracle service
2. F:Ora_patch_8174NTI386PATCHES8.
3. File location ¡V Do not change
4. Name and Path ¡V Do not change
5. Install ¡V Chose Install to Install patch set (It will take 2 minutes)
6. End of Installation „³ Choose Exit

Modifying the Oracle Network Configuration:

1. Stop Oracle TNSListener80 Service
2. Start „³ Programs „³ Oracle- PRD817„³Network Administraton „³ Net8 Assistant
3. Select Local „³profile from the left site
4. On the right site „³ select tab Oracle names „³ Enter default domain (world)
5. On the right site „³ select tab methods„³ remove hostname and onames
6. On the left site drop Listeners--. Select LISTNER
7. Address3 tab left side„³ Remove adress „³ Add address „³ 1527
8. In the left side Service Naming „³Chose edit „³ rename „³ enter the name and then chose OK
9. -> right side „³add„³ address2 „³ add port 1527„³ select -> use oracle 8I release check box
10. SID is „³ IDE
11. File „³ Save nerwork configuration
12. Start oracle listener 817 from the service panel

Configuration Task

1. In the D:OracleIde817„³ Create a folder SAP
2. In the F:Ora_rdbms_817NTI386sap paste this folder under the D:OracleIde817SAP
3. Copy protocol.ora from old directory D:orantnet80adminprotocol.ora to D:oracleide817networkadminpaste protocol.ora
4. Copy all the initide.ora file from D:orantDatabase (4 files) and paste it to D:oracleide817database directory
5. Start„³ Programs„³oracle817-„³ Database administration „³ Oracle database administration for windows NT
6. In the left side oracle managed object-„³Computers „³PHBDTGID„³Oracle home „³select Ide817¡Xselect properties
7. Change the entry for „³Ora_IDE_AUTOSTART „³ Click edit „³ FALSE
8. Change entry for „³ORA_IDE_PFILE„³ Click edit „³ D:oracleide817databaseinitIDE.ora
9. Then console „³ save „³ yes „³ close console
10. Nothing required to change in registry
11. Start Oracle service DEV „³ Start „³ Oracle dev817TNSListener „³ set automatic and at the same time OracleDev80Listener „³ manual
12. Then restart the system
13. Then in the command prompt „³ svrmgrl „³ connect internal „³ startup
14. Shutdown Oracle „³ all oracle service

Deleting the Oracle software

1. start „³ programs„³ oracle for windows NT „³ Oracle Installer„³
2. In the software asset manager „³ select all „³ click remove „³yes „³ click exit
3. Remove service
4. In the command prompt „³ type ntscmgr remove OracleIDE817Cman „³ enter
5. ntscmgr remove OracleIDE817CMAdmin „³ enter

Setting Environment Variable

1. In the control panel „³ system „³ system properties „³ user environment variable „³ PATH „³ set in the second para set D:oracleIDE817bin„³ click set
2.Create a new variable ORACLE_HOME -> value : D:oracleIDE817 set
3. In the command prompt type ntenv2reg „³ enter „³ ok „³ exit command prompt
4. Copy tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora from D:orantnet80admin and paste it to d:oracleide817netwokadmin
5. Reboot the computer
Startup Oracle and SAP

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