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Online reorganization with BR

Have you ever wanted to reorganize tables online while running SAP? This tip will teach you how, using Oracle 9.2 and SAP's BR*Tools 6.40.

As of Oracle 9.2 it is possible to reorganize tables online (while SAP is running) using SAP's BR*Tools 6.40. This can be used with all SAP releases as long as the Oracle release is 9.2. You can download the BR*Tools (DBATL640O92….SAR) as a SAR file from the SAP Service Marketplace.

After extracting the SAR file into the run directory you may need to execute the included "sapdba_role.sql" script to update the sapdba role. The new 6.40 tools may also require additional Microsoft runtime DLLs. If so download and run R3DLLINS.EXE attached to note 684106.

After correctly installing BR*Tools, type "brtools" at the command line to get started. See note 646681 for further details.

Online table reorganization creates a lot of redo log info -- therefore it is necessary to plan for this in advance so that the file system has adequate space. One option is to increase the frequency of redo log backups. Because of the way the online reorganization works -- it creates a copy of the table(s) inside the database -- it is also necessary to have adequate space in the database.

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