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Non-expiring password

If you want, you can make it so some users don't have to change their password by following these steps.

You use the parameter login/password_expiration_time because you want users to change their password every xx days. However, you want it so that some users don't have to change their password. At database level (not in R/3), you can easily solve this problem: in the table USR02, just set a date far in the future for the field BCDA1 (password last change). For example, if you want to set it so user SMITH does not have to change his password until 2010, you can use the following SQL script : update USR02 set BCDA1 = '20101231' where BNAME='SMITH' Just replace the values for BCDA1 and BNAME with your own values ! This script is for MS SQL Server + R/3 46B and 46C, but the syntax should not be very different for other database systems and R/3 versions.

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